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I Am Still Alive

Over the past year I’ve been blogging at Pocket Full of Liberty, and more recently at The Federalist where I write booze reviews. If I have anything particularly awful to say I’ll still come here to say it. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about… Continue reading »


Dignity, Please

Does the word “dignity” get much consideration in our politics, anymore? I wonder sometimes. My latest cause to wonder is the sorry episode from CPAC involving former conservative (now politically…whatever) mouthpiece/child Jonathan Krohn being cornered by a group of nominally conservative attendees from disparate corners of the Internet – notably Katie Pavlich, CPAC Blogger of… Continue reading »


On Lent, and the Importance of Social Media

I shall have to apologize in advance for any formatting difficulties in this post. There. I apologized. *** We happen to be making our way through another Lent, and this year I decided to give up something that has become perhaps a bit too dear to me: social media. How sad that I consider it… Continue reading »


Romney-Ryan 2012!

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the rally in Norfolk, VA at which Mitt Romney introduced his running mate for the 2012 election. Speculation had flown around the Internet for days, as pundits made their case for or against this or that candidate. There were many attractive prospects this year, including my governor… Continue reading »


Vacation Dispatches

Saturday, July 21, Kitty Hawk, NC. 10:00 a.m. - Left home at 8:15 or so to avoid traffic. Mission successful, but we can’t check into our cottage until 4 pm. I’ve made a huge mistake. 11:00 – We stroll on the beach. The sky is overcast, and threatens rain. This might not work out. 12:30 p.m. -In-laws arrive.… Continue reading »


More Drinking

Here’s another post on drinking, since I’m probably going to be doing some later this evening. How to Make an Old-Fashioned if You Aren’t Trying to Impress Anyone What you’ll need: an old-fashioned glass (short tumbler) sugar (one cube, or equivalent loose) bitters bourbon (or scotch, or rye – I use bourbon) ice water (not… Continue reading »


On Drinking the Way I Do

One of the things about me that is routinely commented upon is my drinking. This is not to say that I drink too much, or too often – it is to say that I drink well. My style attracts notice. That, and I perhaps indulge from time to time in drunken tweeting, which is like… Continue reading »


News of the World (and Then an Overlong Meditation on The Avengers)

France has just elected a Socialist with a capital S to be their President. Goodbye, Sarkozy. Goodbye, Carla Bruni. The French may have really cocked things up with this one. I mean, you expect a certain level of Gallic incompetence and arrogant short-sightedness, but this is just too much. I should add I love the… Continue reading »



I want to attempt to articulate the things that bother me. This is not as easy a task as it seems. Very often I am driven to distraction by competing sources of annoyance. It’s like listening to two television programs at the same time and trying to make sense of them both. In situations like… Continue reading »


Clerihews: It’s Come to This

I’m too lazy to try to make a limerick today, so I’m going to attempt to write a poem called a Clerihew. Apparently they are stupid little biographical poems about a famous person. Rhyme and meter are irregular, which is a plus for me as I never learned exactly what meter is. This seems a… Continue reading »

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