I want to attempt to articulate the things that bother me. This is not as easy a task as it seems. Very often I am driven to distraction by competing sources of annoyance. It’s like listening to two television programs at the same time and trying to make sense of them both. In situations like… Continue reading »


I’m an Uncle

This blog has a longstanding policy regarding children, namely that they are to be put to work early, punished often and without mercy for minor transgressions, and never given credence of any sort. This has not changed, but I am perhaps considering a softer tone regarding crumb-crunchers. My sister-in-law gave birth on Monday, and I… Continue reading »


Arvada Police Arrest 11-Year-Old; City Sleeps Easier

Gosh, guys, call me crazy but when you put 11-year-old boys in handcuffs you may have a systemic problem with overzealous officers. Just sayin’.


Parenting Theory

Part of the problem with this country is that we believe our children are somehow special; they can go out and conquer the world! Well, they can’t.


In Praise of Not Praising Children

…studies have indicated that children who are praised for their intelligence tend to underestimate their abilities. They become risk-averse, avoiding challenges and things that might cause them to fail and suffer embarrassment.