Romney-Ryan 2012!

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the rally in Norfolk, VA at which Mitt Romney introduced his running mate for the 2012 election. Speculation had flown around the Internet for days, as pundits made their case for or against this or that candidate. There were many attractive prospects this year, including my governor… Continue reading »


Book Review: Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

With the recent death of Kim Jong-Il, America’s favorite dictator, the situation in Chosŏn is somewhat ambiguous. What seems to be clear, through the spectacle of the funeral and fake mourning, is that Jong-Il’s son, Jong Un is moving to consolidate his power according to his father’s wishes. Indeed, what few reports have been verified… Continue reading »


Decision 2012

I’ve decided that I am going to support Rick Perry for President of the United States. Some regular readers here and on Twitter (mostly on Twitter; this blog is like an Alaskan mining town – rich in resources but scantly populated) may have noticed that I’ve resisted making a decision about lending my active support to a… Continue reading »


Urge to Shill…Rising

Back in November of 2008, I reached the limits of my ability to cope with the ascension of Barack Obama to the Presidency. I like to think that I argued against his selection manfully, with grace and wit, for more than a year. I defended Sarah Palin against the trendy liberal condescension and some (you may… Continue reading »


News of the Day: Limerick Edition 3-3-11

Libya Not Getting Any Better; Charlie Sheen to Investigate There once was a Libyan Colonel Whose reign was described as infernal. He was so damn daffy This Colonel Gaddafi; The violence was sadly diurnal. Charlie Sheen’s Twin Boys Removed From Home; Both Test Positive for Tiger Blood He may be a self-described warlock, But Charlie’s show was just the… Continue reading »



…it’s a potential golden age for Americans of certain unsavory inclinations.


Royal Pain

America, when you swoon over this family, these…Kardashians with better accents, you disgust me.


Is Koran Burning Really the Problem?

Pastor Terry Jones in Florida has garnered international attention for his proposal to burn a copy of the Koran on September 11th.  As many of our leaders will tell you, Pastor Jones is an ignorant rube who is putting our soldiers in harm’s way with his Koran-burning stunt.  Even now that he is saying he… Continue reading »


McChrystal Must Resign

It is my opinion that McChrystal must go.


News of the Day – Limerick Edition 6-1-10

Allow me to give you some of the big news headlines as they should by rights appear.

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