Getting Hucked Over in 2008

Allow me to share my final opinion of Mike Huckabee.  This man has been and continues to be the worst aspect of the 2008 Republican race.  Not only is he unfit to be President by virtue of his inexperience, but he has troubling tendencies towards big government.  Just because he touts the Fair Tax doesn't… Continue reading »


A Crafty Wife

Hi all.  I'm going to take a break from politics and current events to tell you all about my wife's new website.  She calls it Bytes and Bobbins, and it is going to highlight her art and craft activities.  She's a graphic designer by trade, but has a whole lot of talent when it comes… Continue reading »


Scio’s Endorsement

Well, with Fred Thompson gone it's time for me to pick a new candidate.  I've chosen Mitt Romney for his economic experience, his stated commitment to pursuing our foreign interests, his executive credentials and because he's just so gosh-darn presidential looking.I believe his conversion on the pro-life issue is genuine and I am willing to… Continue reading »


The Benefit of the Doubt

Abortion is one of those things that I feel is a defining struggle for our time.  Strong feelings exist on both sides of the debate, but for me it all comes down to the simple principle that no person should be denied the right to draw their first breath. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness…is… Continue reading »


Am I Getting Smarter? Or is Fox Reading My Blog?

So, to those of you who do read this stuff I put up here, do you recall my post from a few days ago?  The one about Fred Thompson, in which I reasoned that if the Presidency is beyond his reach then he might at least be considered for the VP spot?  The better to… Continue reading »


QotD: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  What's your strongest memory or impression of King's contributions? The disillusionment I felt when I learned that King the man was not King the news footage.  Most people aren't really their public image, of course.  I myself am a big phony most of the time.  But King was… Continue reading »


Thompson Predictions

1.  If Thompson places third tonight in South Carolina, he will drop out of the race. 2.  If Thompson places second, he may stay in for a little while. 3.  If Thompson stays in and continues his campaign as he has, he will remain a factor in the race but is unlikely to make serious… Continue reading »


Killer Troops, Imaginary Horrors, Overblown Anti-War Pisspots…

I defy anyone to argue with Mark Steyn.  The man is simply a genius.  He makes me depressed by exposing how utterly screwed up the West's collective head is.  Is it any wonder that an Islamic group in Canada was trying to have him muzzled? At some point conservatives will have to abandon the polite… Continue reading »


News & Politics QotD: Let’s Get Political

How do you usually react when people start talking politics? My ears perk up and I immediately begin trying to guess how they vote.  It's not hard these days.  I'll try to maintain a neutral tone and get them to reveal as much as they can about their views.  Sometimes I don't even share my… Continue reading »


Victor Davis Hanson Reads My Blog

I am the one who sainted Reagan, days ago…VDH has only become more intelligent by imitating me.This is a great message for the GOP candidates.  While Reagan was a great leader, this is not Reagan's America.  This is 2008, not 1980.  Republicans must show that they can emulate Reagan instead of ape him.  The principles… Continue reading »

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