E-Mail Forwards

Occasionally, e-mail forwards are worth reading.  But only rarely. Dream Team   Last night I had the strangest dream. It was so real, so life-like and so vivid. Let me describe it to you briefly…   1. Hillary wins the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States   2. Naturally, she wants to… Continue reading »


Obama’s Race Speech

I think this paragraph from Jonah Goldberg of National Review is a tidy summation of my feelings on what some have called "one of the finest speeches ever."  Why do voluptuaries of racial argy-bargy want yet another such dialogue? For some, it’s to avoid actually dealing with unpleasant facts. But for others — like La… Continue reading »


Holy Week is Nearly Done

March has been a slow month for my Vox.  I haven't had much to say, and I still don't.  But I have an article to share.  It deals with the post-Christian element of our culture, and it makes me somewhat sad.  Essentially, it made me question just how I've been treating this most holy of… Continue reading »


Sex, Violence, Profanity Are Fine…But Don’t You Dare Pretend To Be Another Race

Now for those who know me and my politics, the following should come as no surprise.  But I'm going to discuss some very sensitive issues here and I'm going to do so in my usual frank and somewhat insensitive way.  So, sharpen your knives. Have you ever made a comment that dealt directly or indirectly… Continue reading »


Mark Steyn on William F. Buckley

‘It’s the Epigoni, Stupid’William F. Buckley Jr. stood athwart history and changed its course. By Mark Steyn If you were running one of those Frank Luntz machine-wired focus groups to produce the ideal conservative leader for America, I doubt you’d come up with an urbane patrician harpsichordist semi-resident in Switzerland and partial to words like… Continue reading »


The Follies of Cotillard, or: I Knew I Didn’t Like the French.

So, once more we find that our European friends exist in a world of delusion and self-absorption.  Here's hoping that this woman never wins another Oscar, ever.  But even aside from that, let's hope that Europe scrapes up the resolve to save its own culture from radical Islam.  It's a special kind of intellect that… Continue reading »