Onward to Philadelphia!

I am heading out this weekend to visit my good friends the Mercedarians in Philadelphia.  This religious order was founded in 1218 by one Peter Nolasco, since sainted, with its principle aim the ransom of Christian captives of the Saracens.  A Spanish order, it was a product of a time when the struggle between the… Continue reading »


Neocons Ru(i)n the World, Sayeth Yon Hippies and Paulites.

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the neoconservative movement?  It often feels like folks who support the Iraq War in particular and the War on Terror in general are unreservedly labeled neoconservative, neocon, neopig, baby-killer, etc.  In truth, support for the war has never been the exclusive domain of neoconservatism,… Continue reading »


Coming to America, Pope-Style

I was reading an article about the pope's visit to America, and was pleased to see that it was positive.  I'm excited about this opportunity for American Catholics to see and hear the pope address them directly.  It doesn't happen every day, you know.  But this article, well, it was funny.  Because it was humming… Continue reading »


News & Politics QotW: The Taxman

As the April 15th tax filing deadline looms, many gay couples are facing higher tax bills because they do not get the federal tax benefits that accompany marriage. The same is true for heterosexual couples who chose not to get married. Do you think this is fair? Of course it's fair.  Marriage is a child-bearing… Continue reading »


Iraq War Misconceptions

National Review Online has a tremendous piece by Frederick W. Kagan on Iraq.  Specifically, the common myths associated with the war that many on the left side of the spectrum continually cite as reasons we have lost, will lose, or must withdraw from the present conflict.Do the nattering nabobs really know the counterpoint to their… Continue reading »


Bigotry and the Common Blog

I found this interesting article on National Review, and thought I'd share it.  I enjoy the fact that Islam is still being preserved from criticism, even much deserved criticism.  It seems that no progress has been made since the riots following the pope's call to reason at Regensburg.  Threaten enough people and I guess you… Continue reading »


Hard Decision

I think the time has come for me to stop fighting it.  Over the past few months I've been arguing with everyone around me about the political candidates, which one is better and which one would be death for this country.  And I've been taking it for granted that I should support a Republican.But I… Continue reading »