The First Among the Rest

The contest for the Republican nomination for President has, well before the first primary, been both raucous and caustic. As yet it has not dipped into toxicity, although prior to Sarah Palin’s voluntary departure from consideration the onset of psychosis among some of her core supporters seemed inevitable. Ron Paul has even managed to keep… Continue reading »


Dispatch From the Culture War

The latest outrage in our culture war centers on a young boy who has begun a hormonal treatment to delay puberty until such time as he decides whether he wishes to remain a boy or undergo treatment to adopt a female form. The boy - who is fed, clothed and housed by a lesbian couple - is… Continue reading »


Random Thoughts

Sometimes I sit at work with my sunglasses on. I tell my coworkers it’s because the fluorescent light hurts my eyes. I don’t even know if I’m lying or actually believe it. Sometimes I find myself arguing with people on the Internet, and I don’t want to murder them for being wrong. What’s that about?… Continue reading »


Whither Perry?

I’m losing faith in Rick Perry. When I first heard he might be considering a run for the Presidency, I reviewed what I knew of him: Governor of Texas; shot a coyote to save his dog; socially conservative; palatable to Evangelicals. All very fine. Then I learned about the truly encouraging economic figures in Texas,… Continue reading »


Republican Nomination – The Received Wisdom

It occurs to me that some people do not spend all day on Twitter following politics. Some don’t even check the news every day. For these people, I humbly submit my thoughts on the state of the Republican nomination: The race for the Republican nomination has taken some unpredictable turns of late. Of foremost note,… Continue reading »