Decision 2012

I’ve decided that I am going to support Rick Perry for President of the United States. Some regular readers here and on Twitter (mostly on Twitter; this blog is like an Alaskan mining town – rich in resources but scantly populated) may have noticed that I’ve resisted making a decision about lending my active support to a… Continue reading »


Know Your Political Cults

This political season has seen the conservative movement struggle with its identity and its prospects for the future. A lot is on the line in the 2012 election, certainly. What I’ve noticed more and more is just how personally everyone seems to take the merest criticism of their preferred candidate. The reactions range from defensive scorn… Continue reading »


Letter to Occupy Norfolk

To the Editor, Virginian-Pilot: Occupy Norfolk and the larger Occupy movement have devolved into what astute critics said they would from the start: farce and ruin. Our own Norfolk chapter of the “movement” (which has no goals, no leadership, and sadly no end in sight) has failed to gain much traction. Why the city renewed… Continue reading »