News of the Day: Limerick Edition 8-17-11

Libertarians Finally Take Hint We’ve Been Dropping

That a billionaire named Peter Thiel

Chased the libertarian ideal

Far away to the sea -

Taking all thems with he -

We should really thank Peter, I feel.

President Obama Saves or Creates at least One Speechwriter Job; Others…Not so Much

 This President we’ve got is a peach;

Look, he’s making another damn speech.

If the first ninety-six

Ain’t come up with a fix

Dunno what ninety-seven can reach.

Democrats Welcome Rick Perry to Race, Wish Him All the BWAHAHAHA I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Say That With a Straight Face

There’s something about Mr. Perry

That makes all the Democrats wary.

They have to defeat him -

Not just simply beat him -

So claim he’s a racist old fairy.


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