Clerihews: It’s Come to This

I’m too lazy to try to make a limerick today, so I’m going to attempt to write a poem called a Clerihew. Apparently they are stupid little biographical poems about a famous person. Rhyme and meter are irregular, which is a plus for me as I never learned exactly what meter is. This seems a perfect poem for me to try, simple and undemanding as it is. Even so, you ought to tell me if I have been successful.


Barack Obama
Is a national trauma.
For a man so profound
His mistakes do abound.

Well that wasn’t so bad. I’m not saying it was good, just that it wasn’t so bad as I thought. Let’s try another.

Famously famous Kim Kardashian
Is known for her particular fash-i-an.
Among other things
I’ve heard that she sings.

It’s sort of weird to intentionally mess up the meter and all those other parts of the poem. Generally I can do that without trying. Onward.

Mitt Romney hasn’t yet clinched
Though his wallet’s assuredly pinched.
He’d be doing better
But there’s that Irish Setter.

I don’t even know what breed that dog was. Was it a setter? Poor thing. We’ll hear all about it before November. I bet there will even be a Taiwanese animation.

Andrew Breitbart
Was called to depart.
It was proper to eulogize
Now for WHAT should we apologize?

There we go, my official contribution to the Breitbart hagiography. I had a chance to meet him at CPAC. Someone offered to introduce me, and indeed I was about 5 feet from him most of that night. But I demurred, thinking there would probably be another opportunity. There was not.

Post your own dippy little clerihew in the comments! No matter how stupid and ignorant you think it is, someone, somewhere will think it marginally better.

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