I want to attempt to articulate the things that bother me. This is not as easy a task as it seems. Very often I am driven to distraction by competing sources of annoyance. It’s like listening to two television programs at the same time and trying to make sense of them both.

In situations like this, I find it much easier to make a list and take things point by point. So, here is everything that is bothering me today:

  • Babies. Babies are, on the whole, an untrustworthy and needy cohort of chubby cretins. The constant presence of babies and their chilling effect on social engagements is bothersome
  • Allergies. The trees have decided that not only will they pollinate early this year, they will pollinate often and heavily. Every morning for the last month has been an agony of sinus pressure, drainage, itchy eyes and throat, and lethargy brought on by antihistamine use. I have now developed a cough, and it is irritating
  • Work. Work has become interesting, which is problematic. Or should that be the other way ’round? Whichever. My boss is now my former boss, and the departure was quite sudden. Change annoys me
  • Politics. My politics are sensible and detached; yours are overly personal and involve far too many exclamation points. My politics allow for the possibility I am wrong about some things; yours seem to rely on the assumption that the world must conform to your vision. This is how it is to debate politics on the Internet. I don’t even try anymore
  • Wife. My wife is usually right about most things and has become rather insufferable about it. The times I have been indisputably in the right, I have understandably pursued vindication. This has always ended poorly
  • John Derbyshire. I have enjoyed reading Derbyshire in National Review and elsewhere, but he has gone down the wrong path when it comes to questions of race. This is especially irritating, because I like Derb’s style very much and consider myself a decent judge of whether somebody is “worth reading.” I have half a mind to continue reading him regardless of where he pops up. But if I am honest…I always liked his more general topics better. If he becomes a “one trick pony” his appeal would diminish further. His lack of a rationale for the offending article is frustrating. He has made me question my own judgment, which I DO NOT LIKE TO DO
  • Blogging. There is little incentive beyond vanity for me to blog. Up until recently this was actually more than enough motivation to get me to sharpen my digital quill and toss off a few hundred words on something topical and timely. Now, vanity alone does not serve. I’ve been making this complaint for a year, at least. Requiring a higher purpose to perform this trifling nonsense for a silent and unfeeling world is damnably annoying
  • Lottery. I didn’t win. I would have settled for the $10,000 option

Anyway, that’s all I can think of just now.

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  1. William Newton says:

    You forgot heretics and apostates.

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