More Drinking

Here’s another post on drinking, since I’m probably going to be doing some later this evening.

How to Make an Old-Fashioned if You Aren’t Trying to Impress Anyone

What you’ll need:

  • an old-fashioned glass (short tumbler)
  • sugar (one cube, or equivalent loose)
  • bitters
  • bourbon (or scotch, or rye – I use bourbon)
  • ice
  • water (not soda water)
  • fruit, if you feel like it. Maraschino cherries and an orange slice, generally. Lemon works
  • a muddler, if you want the fruit

You will begin by adding the sugar in the bottom of your glass, then saturating it with a dash or two or three of bitters. If you use a sugar cube you’ll need to crush it up. Add some water to the bottom to mix and dissolve the sugar somewhat. Not a big deal if it doesn’t all dissolve. Stir it up a bit.

This is when you’d add fruit if you needed some. Take one cherry and an orange slice, and muddle them.

Add ice. If you have big ice cubes you probably need 3 or 4. If you have crushed ice, fill the glass about 1/2 full.

Pour 2 oz. bourbon over the ice. I usually just eyeball this until it looks like the amount I want to drink. You can put in less if you want. Give it a stir.

Add flat water to your taste. Top it off, just a splash, whatever. This is where I most often run into problems at bars, since they seem to always want to use soda water. Regardless of where I am or what sort of establishment it is, they will use soda water. Use the branch water.

Stir, sip, and if you don’t enjoy it that’s not for me to care. It’s not like anybody paid me for this.

It was put to me this way, and in certain circumstances it is absolutely true: Bubbles Bruise Bourbon. If you don’t care about the bourbon you’re ingesting, then by all means throw it in some Coke and chug away. If you have a bit more respect for it, I think the old-fashioned represents the maximum amount of dilution and meddling that should be permissible. It is an easy, easy drink.

And there you have it. Is that not good enough? Who do you have to impress anyway?

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