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Yesterday my wife and I met her cousin Will for lunch.  He is in town visiting their grandmother and we like to meet him whenever we can.

We decided to try the new place in downtown Norfolk, the 3 Way Cafe.  The “Ways” refer to dining in, delivery, and catering – not what you’re probably thinking.  Cheeky name, and I admit it got me curious to give them a try.

The first thing I noticed was that a decent-sized lunch crowd had gathered.  There is plenty of seating and we had no problem finding a spot.  This always puts me in a good mood.

Perusing the menu, I found that in addition to classic sandwiches like the Reuben, 3 Way has a selection of uncommon dishes that sound just plain interesting.  One item on their signature sandwich menu stood out: the Figgy Piggy.  The F.P. is, quote “herb roasted pork with fig glaze, arugula, gouda, roasted tomatoes and pesto aioli on sourdough” end quote.  Fig?  Maybe I’m an uncultured boob, but fig sounds exotic for a mere diner sandwich.  I went for it.

We queued up to place our order, sat back down and got to chatting.  Will passed me a copy of “The Science of Superheroes” which I am eager to read.  He’s getting ready to join the Air Force as a civil engineer (I think that’s the correct nomenclature), which is a great move for him.  So we were having a good lunch, when suddenly the food arrived and it got even better.

It had arrived in about 10 minutes or so, which was great for the lunch hour.  I looked at the sandwich, and I could tell some effort went into it.  It was a good looking sandwich, not soggy or droopy or overstuffed.  The pork glistened and gave off a wonderful aroma.  I believe I salivated a bit.  I can’t be sure.

My first bite was heavy with the herb-y goodness of the pork and pesto, enhanced by the sweetness of the fig glaze.  The smoky gouda cheese suffused it, a light fog of flavor that encompassed rather than overpowered.  Every bite was good, except for the very last.

Everything worked with that sandwich.  I hate to be wildly enthusiastic, but I am.  It was just really good food.  The kettle chips on the side were also good, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

It was  just a bit pricier than some other spots around Norfolk.  Figure you’re paying for better ingredients and a bit more care in the preparation of the meal.

Factor in the convenience of its downtown location, a varied menu, and proven flavor and I’m hooked.  I am eager to return and explore the menu further, so if any friends of mine would like to give me an excuse, I’d sure appreciate it.

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  1. James Long says:

    “… so if any friends of mine would like to give me an excuse…” You don’t have to ask me twice. I just read the words “pork” and “pesto” and I’m drooling. Just give me a date and time!

  2. Christopher Hill says:

    This is Chris – I am one of the partners over @ 3Way, and am always in the kitchen during lunch. Please let me know next time you are in, I would love to chat with you… I am a food blog myself, if you get a chance check it out…. Maybe, then you will really see why I think 3Way is off to a good start. Thanks for coming in, and your encouraging words.
    All The Best,
    Christopher C. Hill

  3. Christopher Hill says:


  4. Kelley says:

    Hey there Neal – I work with Rachel. I read this review and finally made it to 3 Way for lunch this week. Thanks for writing this great review. The food there is fantastic; I can’t say enough good things about it. Not only is it fresh, but they’ve invested effort in little things – such as presentation. I used to be a pastry chef in the catering business, so it’s a pleasure to see a place take interest in not just the taste but the visual aesthetic of a meal as well. Thanks for doing this review. I probably never would have stopped in if you hadn’t.

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