Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese Actually…

Just in case anyone was worried about my lack of output over the past few days, I wish to inform you that I am on something resembling a vacation.

However, I have spent the first half of it in the mechanic's after my car broke down right before heading on a trip to see a good friend.  Very disappointing.  Yesterday was the mechanics, today was transmission, tomorrow I complete the rounds by going to the Honda dealership to diagnose and perhaps treat my computer problem. 

Let's put it this way:  Problem 1 is the transmission and the attached computer malfunction.  This could potentially run into the many hundreds of dollars, and if I'm unlucky we could break the thousand barrier.  Problem 2, assuming we get that far, is that my distributor also needs to be replaced.  So what this means is that on an Americorps salary (an Americorps which owes me mucho dinero, by the way) I can only afford to fix the distributor…I can't do the transmission.  Simply cannot.  So there's no point to fixing anything, really.

Because, you know, I have to pay for the rest of my honeymoon next week.  I happen to have planned my budget around this very large expense, and in light of continued unresponsiveness from the people who have given me a wonderful opportunity to engage in national service I find myself with a shortfall.  Unforeseen expenses will get you everytime.

So the upshot is I think I'm going to sell my car.  I think I might sell it for scrap or see what the dealer will give me for it.  I live close to work, so that's no problem.  But then how do I get home this week for a tuxedo fitting/sitdown with the priest/actually see my friend who I was supposed to go visit/see my fiancee for the first time in a month/have steak which I have been promised/maybe look for a job in Norfolk?

It's just funny that in my last month here the whole operation is shaking apart.  Don't suppose any Voxers have suggestions?  I'll take sympathy too, if that's all you have.

Stuck in head:

Baby breakdown
Go ahead and give it to me
Breakdown honey take me through the night
Breakdown now I'm standin' here can't you see
Breakdown it's all right
It's all right
It's all right

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  1. Hafidz Baharom says:

    Definitely not a fan of Murphy's Law….You could rent a car, right?As for sympathy…Aww…..

  2. The Madmouser says:

    As Clinton would say, "I feel your pain". So sorry to hear you are having car problems; they are the worst. With all the computerized elements, it is difficult to make repairs yourself. We are left in the clutches of car mechanics and dealerships for our survival, and all the while they are laughing like Dastardly Dan. Makes you want to start riding a bike, except people will then think you are one of those crazy environmentalist wacko's. So, I suggest a little prayer to St. Jude, patron of hopeless cases.

  3. Scio, Scio says:

    prayer to St. Jude
    good idea!

  4. Binkypoo says:

    It's times like this that I wish I were rich and could help out a brother. But i can say a prayer for you; I'll ask Our Lady.

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