Three Quick Rants

Time for some random bastardy.

1. The Telegraph put up a headline that a “Third of Plants and Animals at Risk of Extinction” and went through the usual agonies.

A Doomed Polar Bear


It closed with a gem of a quote from some fellow named Ahmed, who opined, “…If the 9 billion people predicted to be with us by 2050 were to have the same lifestyle as Americans, we would need five planets.”  To which I took umbrage.

I’ve got some really bad news for you, Ahmed.  Every species on this planet – plant, animal, microbe or fungus – faces a 100% chance of extinction at some point down the road.  To say a mere third of species is at risk is vastly understating it.

Nothing humans do can stop the inevitable loss of uniquely wonderful lifeforms.  Environuts blame human activity and interference for most of the damage to the habitat of these animals; what is the artificial preservation of species but yet another instance of human “meddling?”  If polar bears don’t learn how to swim, by God let them drown.

2. Apparently the $1 trillion bailout of the intransigent Greeks did not offer the lasting solution to Europe’s increasing financial woes.  Couldn’t we in the U.S. have told them that?

“We are in little doubt that steps taken will offer the euro little support and the aid package does not change the fact that Spain and Portugal in particular will still have to undergo further painful austerity measures.”

I guess you really can’t lay on the beach, pay no taxes and collect a welfare check indefinitely.  Good try, though, Europe.  Next up: paying your own defense tab instead of relying on the American military umbrella.

3.  Latest news on Iran is that they are thiiiis close to being able to lob a nuclear bomb at Israel.  Remember back in 2006 and 2007, when everybody swore up and down that Iran had halted their nuclear program? Then remember when we found out, oops, no they actually do want the bomb and they still want to kill the perfidious Jews?

God, they have had the run of us.  Ahmahdinejad has been laughing himself to sleep these last few years.  I’ve long thought that the only thing these people (oh yeah, they are a distinct people and so I said “these people”) understand is strength.  Extending the olive branch and trying to engage them is just a sign of weakness.  I think that’s even in their Koran, or Surahs or whatsits.  Meanwhile, these bastards have been funneling weapons and IED into the Iraqi and Afghan theater of war while we persist in the vain hope that these savages (not far removed from their tribal goatherding past) will see reason and moderate their stance.

But of course, theirs is the reasoned course of action to accomplish their goals.  Why stop now when they are so close to pushing the Jews into the sea – and shaming America?

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  1. WC says:

    What do you have against polar bears? We should ask Obama to spend money on inflatable rafts for the bears, or maybe see if he would build an ice maker up there! lol

    I say we extend peace to Iran, but let Israel take care of Iran. With their CIA (I don’t know what it is called) they can easily take them out.

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