Imported My Old Blog

One of the things that has always troubled me about the Internet is impermanence.  I have changed blogging platforms 3 times that I recall.  Each time, I was comforted to know that even if I was leaving a blog community or the easy access of my old posts, the thousands and thousands of words I’d spewed into the ether would remain available to me or whoever might stumble upon them. 

I got an e-mail from my old blog host, Vox.  They are shutting down their site and helpfully suggested I import my old posts into WordPress.  I went ahead and did it this morning, and everything looks to be here.  A lot of the media and pictures made it too.

I blogged at Vox for the better part of two years, from the end of 2006 to Election Day, 2008.  In that time, I was able to make internet friends with a host of people and I feel that some of my best writing is contained in those posts.  In the run up to the election of Barack Obama, I expended much of my energy decrying his nomination and trying desperately to convince just one liberal not to vote for him.  It was an impossible, Sisyphean task.  I think at this distance we forget the spell Obama cast over this country.  The fainting, enraptured audiences; the calls to move Inauguration Day up to November; the blind hatred of Bush.  It’s all quite distant now, the spell mostly broken and Obama’s humanity and incompetence on display for all to see.  But back then, convincing someone of this was as desperate a battle as could be fought on the net.  I failed.

Vox itself began to slip in 2008.  Unresponsive admins and stale content on their community pages mostly.  So, with the burnout of my interest and the lower quality of the site I decided to leave.  I didn’t blog again until this year, and I still haven’t got my taste back for political debate.  There are bigger names who have sharper claws that will do it…I’ll be a dittohead if asked.

At any rate my content here has now quadrupled and perhaps the blog gives a more complete picture of who I am and my thinking on certain subjects.  It’s an interesting historical record for me, anyway.  My handle was “Scio, Scio,” so the comments contain a lot of people addressing me by that name.  Post tags did carry over so you can search my old posts via the tag cloud.  Pretty much anything before January 2010 is a Vox post.  Don’t ya’ll be using this to examine me for inconsistency in my positions now.

I suppose I could also import the old Livejournal from college and really stretch back in time – we’re talking 2005 people.  I’d need to remember the login though.

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