Is Koran Burning Really the Problem?

Pastor Terry Jones in Florida has garnered international attention for his proposal to burn a copy of the Koran on September 11th.  As many of our leaders will tell you, Pastor Jones is an ignorant rube who is putting our soldiers in harm’s way with his Koran-burning stunt.  Even now that he is saying he will not proceed with it, the line is that it was needlessly provocative and will inflame Muslim anger against us.  To which I ask a simple question:

So How Many Korans Did We Burn To Deserve This?

Never forget that the ultimate culpability for ANY violence lies with the perpetrators of that violence.  Not the book burners, not the Ground Zero Mosque opponents – only the bastards who riot.  No rational human being thinks that burning a book requires a blood debt.  But a lot of Muslims do, and a lot of weak, politically correct sentiment in this country enables their civilizational petulance.  

On September 11th, 2001, we should have learned that the enemy is real regardless of whether we choose to believe in him.  He believes in us, very much so.  He nurses a centuries-old grudge and exports a medieval ideology completely antithetical to Western Civilization.  We cannot provoke him with our actions.  He hates us for existing apart from his cursed House of Peace.  There is no reason to any of it, and thus no craven cowering on our part will appease him.

We should have learned that nine years ago…but it looks like we’re forgetting.

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