NPR Rant

I went to the Propeller Club’s Fall Oyster Roast last night, and got pretty schnockered.  Consequently, my ability to concentrate and my desire to work are diminished.  I don’t expect much from this post and neither should you.

It looks like the Democrats are in for a drubbing come November.  You can always tell when the Left is nervous because they start to eat their own. Usually it’s for imagined transgressions against the liberal orthodoxy.  Witness Juan Williams: after making a completely inoffensive observation and repudiating his own visceral reaction to Muslim passengers on an airplane, he was ritually disemboweled by his employers at NPR.  His boss then took to the news to piss all over the quivering mass of jelly that was Williams’ NPR career.  Luckily for Juan W., Fox News has offered him quite a salary bump to continue to appear on that network.  Williams is a liberal through and through.

What NPR did by firing him is shine some light on an unspoken truth: liberals are among the most inflexible, dogmatic, intolerant and ignorant people on the planet.  That’s why conservatives are so often painted as “Evil” when discussing minor policy differences.  That’s why arguing with a liberal is an exercise in outlasting their talking points.  That’s why they are mystified by the Tea Party Movement, which defies their neat little worldview by refusing to be racist, violent and ignorant - or intimidated into silence.

It’s gotten me thinking about defunding NPR.  How foolish are we to shunt tax dollars into this failing, obsolete, almost entirely boring format?  There are precious few good shows on NPR, and the worldview espoused on their programs has got to be as alien to most Americans as Nancy Pelosi’s face.  Why continue propping up this tottering relic?  If people want NPR they should pay for it themselves.  If NPR can’t survive on its own, let it go the way of the dodo.

I have been considering how much fun it would be if NPR was simply turned into a public access radio station.  Anyone with a couple bucks and a format could broadcast in glorious FM to an entire region!  Even if it was Mexican Polka, I am almost sure it would be more interesting than some of the tripe on NPR.

It’s amusing to me to watch folks circle the wagons whenever anyone talks about defunding NPR.  It’s as if there aren’t talented local individuals who would step into the gap left by its departure from the airwaves.  If people wanted local news and culture on the radio, they’d  make it happen!  They’d do it without a tax subsidy if the demand was high enough.  And if they couldn’t make it work, so what?  With the Internet and myriad other news sources out there, National Public Radio is just a nicety.  It’s a largely irrelevant one, too.  I for one am tired of paying for our own little Pravda.

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