Drawing Muhammad

I have decided that I will put up a depiction of Muhammad.


Capped Off

A year on from the Inauguration, and it's nice to be almost entirely validated.  Add to this the near farce of Obama blaming voter anger at George "Irrelevant Now" Bush for Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts.  Good week to be conservative. If anyone is interested, I tweet now: @Neal_Dewing. 5-5-10 I have a new blog,… Continue reading »


The Defense Rests (Its Brains on a Shelf Somewhere)

There is an article out there about some lawyer, representing the terrorists in Guantanamo, who dropped his pants at a press conference in Yemen to demonstrate how humiliated and tormented the poor dears must feel.  Color me unimpressed.  While I certainly understand the point he was trying to make to a Yemeni audience ("for a Muslim man… Continue reading »


Neocons Ru(i)n the World, Sayeth Yon Hippies and Paulites.

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the neoconservative movement?  It often feels like folks who support the Iraq War in particular and the War on Terror in general are unreservedly labeled neoconservative, neocon, neopig, baby-killer, etc.  In truth, support for the war has never been the exclusive domain of neoconservatism,… Continue reading »


Coming to America, Pope-Style

I was reading an article about the pope's visit to America, and was pleased to see that it was positive.  I'm excited about this opportunity for American Catholics to see and hear the pope address them directly.  It doesn't happen every day, you know.  But this article, well, it was funny.  Because it was humming… Continue reading »


Iraq War Misconceptions

National Review Online has a tremendous piece by Frederick W. Kagan on Iraq.  Specifically, the common myths associated with the war that many on the left side of the spectrum continually cite as reasons we have lost, will lose, or must withdraw from the present conflict.Do the nattering nabobs really know the counterpoint to their… Continue reading »


Petty, Petty, Petty.

So my post about Obama made it to the front page.  And for like five minutes there was a great discussion on what makes Obama qualified for the office of POTUS.  Then two crazy English people came in and started casting aspersions on America instead of adding anything to the conversation.  Defensive measures were deployed… Continue reading »


Killer Troops, Imaginary Horrors, Overblown Anti-War Pisspots…

I defy anyone to argue with Mark Steyn.  The man is simply a genius.  He makes me depressed by exposing how utterly screwed up the West's collective head is.  Is it any wonder that an Islamic group in Canada was trying to have him muzzled? At some point conservatives will have to abandon the polite… Continue reading »


Michigan Goes Romney, Nomination Still in Doubt

So if it hasn't been made clear by now, this race for the Republican nomination is a bit different than usual.  We've got different winners in the early primaries, and South Carolina looms as a make or break state for more than one candidate.  It may interest a very few to know that I have… Continue reading »


Damn These People.

I was watching C-Span this morning, not ten minutes ago, getting ready to do a number on a peppermint pie leftover from Christmas.  I love peppermint pie with something approaching unnatural strength.  Some boring Senate thing was on the screen, but as I read the ticker I was shocked and appalled to read Benazir Bhutto… Continue reading »

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