I want to attempt to articulate the things that bother me. This is not as easy a task as it seems. Very often I am driven to distraction by competing sources of annoyance. It’s like listening to two television programs at the same time and trying to make sense of them both. In situations like… Continue reading »


A Piece of Schutte

I wrote this letter; it will likely not be published. Suffice it to say, the state of modern Catholic hymns is pitiable indeed. An entrenched establishment, holding onto the conventions of a bygone era and failing to communicate the deeper connection to God so necessary to retain followers and save souls? Sounds a bit like… Continue reading »


Tips for Maintaining Positivity

In keeping with a culture of sharing best practices, following are my tips for maintaining an optimistic attitude at work.


When Conservatives Get Angry, We Say Mean Things. When Liberals Get Angry…

The Rage That’s Not On Your Front PageThe liberal media frets over conservative anger, but are blind to a torrent of liberal hate. By Michelle Malkin When a few unruly McCain-Palin supporters show their anger at campaign rallies, it’s national news. It’s an epidemic of “Weimar-like rage” and “violent escalation of rhetoric,” according to New… Continue reading »