Meaning in Madness

We have to realize that nobody could have predicted these senseless events…Apparently, posturing and pointing fingers is easier for our leaders and pundits than grappling with this sad truth.


Home for Christmas

Why the embrace of corny sentimentality?


Alas, My Pumpkin; or, Halloween is Cancelled

Halloween used to be my favorite fun holiday, but now I have become one of those people.


The Funniest Little Tragedy

Let the Panda Bear die.


Know When to Let Go

We have this problem in our culture. We’re unable to let go of things like Pandas, and eagles, and vaguely familiar celebrities.


Grandfather Passed Away

All, My Granddad passed away about a half hour ago.  He had been ailing for more than a year, really two, and deteriorated rapidly in the last few months.  Towards the end he was hardly the same man, barely recalling who we were.  But glimmers of his personality were still visible sometimes.  I am at once saddened… Continue reading »


Zombie Ethics

A lot of hay has been made this election season about such piffling matters as healthcare, the environment, taxes and war.  Our candidates endlessly repeat the same old garbage, never saying anything remotely new or interesting to the average person.  One wonders if they even walk in the same world as we normal folks.For instance,… Continue reading »


Damn These People.

I was watching C-Span this morning, not ten minutes ago, getting ready to do a number on a peppermint pie leftover from Christmas.  I love peppermint pie with something approaching unnatural strength.  Some boring Senate thing was on the screen, but as I read the ticker I was shocked and appalled to read Benazir Bhutto… Continue reading »


More Fun Fun (radical) Muslim News

Well, as anyone who has been paying attention for the better part of this decade knows, Muslims of a certain stripe don't take kindly to anyone who doesn't follow their customs and way of life.  Recently, a British woman living and teaching in Sudan was jailed for the reprehensible crime of naming a class teddy… Continue reading »


I See Therapy in the Future…

God, the tone of this article sickens me. We're twinseparable! Happy with his brother, the boy who refused to die By LUCY LAING – More by this author ยป Last updated at 01:09am on 3rd November 2007 Comments (20) They say twins share a strong bond – but the one between Gabriel and Ieuan Jones… Continue reading »

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