On Drinking the Way I Do

One of the things about me that is routinely commented upon is my drinking. This is not to say that I drink too much, or too often – it is to say that I drink well. My style attracts notice. That, and I perhaps indulge from time to time in drunken tweeting, which is like… Continue reading »


Hooray Protest!

I loathe these feckless, lawbreaking, adolescent intellects.  Hippies and morons, interbred to create entitled little snots that want to be John Lennon. Well I have news for you: John Lennon is dead, and if I had been the Capitol Police chief for this protest march you can bet your biscuits that these sandaled peaceniks would… Continue reading »


Proper Execution, II?

Saddam's comments at the gallows have been determined, and contrary to initial reports he did not go to his death telling people to go to hell.  "Fallen tyrant" taunted in Saddam video By Claudia Parsons Sun Dec 31, 10:31 AM ET BAGHDAD (Reuters) – "The tyrant has fallen," a witness shouted after Saddam Hussein dropped… Continue reading »