More Drinking

Here’s another post on drinking, since I’m probably going to be doing some later this evening. How to Make an Old-Fashioned if You Aren’t Trying to Impress Anyone What you’ll need: an old-fashioned glass (short tumbler) sugar (one cube, or equivalent loose) bitters bourbon (or scotch, or rye – I use bourbon) ice water (not… Continue reading »


On Drinking the Way I Do

One of the things about me that is routinely commented upon is my drinking. This is not to say that I drink too much, or too often – it is to say that I drink well. My style attracts notice. That, and I perhaps indulge from time to time in drunken tweeting, which is like… Continue reading »


Tips for Maintaining Positivity

In keeping with a culture of sharing best practices, following are my tips for maintaining an optimistic attitude at work.


Top Ten Historical Drinking Buddies

Q: If you could choose ten people to have a drink with, from any point in history, who would they be and why?


Afton Mountain Vineyards

Nothing helps to stimulate the thought processes better than a good wine, and I’m happy to report that Wife and I were at a perfect place to sample some of the grape on Friday.



So I found this nice Belgian Ale called "Deus, Brut des Flandres."  Lofty names aside, it's actually quite good.  It has the effervescence of champagne and the heady, clouded deliciousness of the wheat ale.  Made with barley, I believe.  It is to be poured into a champagne flute or chalice.  Quite the head on it! … Continue reading »


I Served…with Pictures

A bit ago I wrote a very nice little blog (I think it was nice, anyway) about how I built a house down in Mississippi.  You may read it here.  However, I neglected to bring a camera with me and had no pictures to share.  Thanks to my friend Graham, a fella I met down… Continue reading »


Harp on This!

There's a fine lager by the name of Harp that I have become acquainted with.  I revisited it tonight to catch up on how things were going.  I told Harp all my news and found he was still delicious and slightly sweet.  Light and refreshing as always.  It's made by the Guinness boys, you know.… Continue reading »


Irish Songs

After my last blog, I feel compelled to post this.  I think it's funny. 2-09 Chandelier Shop The Jollybeggarmen ^ | | | is great to drink to. As I went into the Chandelier Shop, some candles for to buyI went inside the Chandelier Shop, but no one could I spyNow I was disappointed so… Continue reading »