News of the World (and Then an Overlong Meditation on The Avengers)

France has just elected a Socialist with a capital S to be their President. Goodbye, Sarkozy. Goodbye, Carla Bruni. The French may have really cocked things up with this one. I mean, you expect a certain level of Gallic incompetence and arrogant short-sightedness, but this is just too much. I should add I love the… Continue reading »


Goals for 2011 – Update

Earlier in the year I listed a few goals, with the lofty intent to actually accomplish them. Following is a short rundown of my progress thus far. I would like to get down to 170 pounds. This is a goal I’ve had for a while, and I’m 20-25 pounds away depending on how much I’ve… Continue reading »


Goals for 2011

I am setting some goals.