E-Mail Forwards

Occasionally, e-mail forwards are worth reading.  But only rarely. Dream Team   Last night I had the strangest dream. It was so real, so life-like and so vivid. Let me describe it to you briefly…   1. Hillary wins the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States   2. Naturally, she wants to… Continue reading »


Barack Obama’s Appeal is…What, Exactly?

Can anyone, anyone tell me just what is so great about Barack Obama?  From what I've seen of him, he's got nothing to recommend him for the presidency and his whole campaign has been based on indistinct notions of "hope" and "change" that really don't mean anything. I see the news, and I read things… Continue reading »


New Hampshire

It's going to be Obama for the Democrats and probably McCain for the Republicans.  Romney will be close, I think.  My favorite, Fred Thompson, has one more shot to get things going.  If he wins South Carolina, I'll continue to support him.  If he loses, he's done..  I think he'll raise the money he needs,… Continue reading »


Liberals Are Rational and Compassionate.

Scio's Comments in red. Bush Death Watch: Countdown! It's official: Less than one year until history slaps Dubya to the curb. Can you feel the tingle? By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist Friday, November 16, 2007 It's just that kind of feeling, that sense of hesitant, embryonic optimism, the sense that says, oh my God,… Continue reading »


Republican Picks, Ribald Limericks!

While some think ol' Fred got in late I think twas a reas'nable date. He's surely a shoo-in And knows what he's doin'. What brains 'neath that shiny bald pate! The Clinton who reps the New Yorkuhs Has a laugh I imagine a stork does. It sounds a bit forced But consider the source; She… Continue reading »



So I found this nice Belgian Ale called "Deus, Brut des Flandres."  Lofty names aside, it's actually quite good.  It has the effervescence of champagne and the heady, clouded deliciousness of the wheat ale.  Made with barley, I believe.  It is to be poured into a champagne flute or chalice.  Quite the head on it! … Continue reading »


Obama and Sidney Poitier/Morgan Freeman/Will Smith

Obama the 'Magic Negro' The Illinois senator lends himself to white America's idealized, less-than-real black man. By David Ehrenstein, L.A.-based DAVID EHRENSTEIN writes about Hollywood and politics. March 19, 2007 AS EVERY CARBON-BASED life form on this planet surely knows, Barack Obama, the junior Democratic senator from Illinois, is running for president. Since making his… Continue reading »


China, and Hillary Clinton

Work has been draining recently.  Habitat for Humanity will keep you busy.  But I think my arms are becoming more muscular.  Anyway, I haven't had time to properly formulate a political opinion in almost a week and a half.  I've been off the cuff, feeding you people garbage.  Well, no more.  Tonight I will outline… Continue reading »


Poems Are Lame

Barely aught 7, begins the push For who will lead us after Bush. Early though it now might seem, Aspirants are building steam Sniping Bush and one another, Opposition yet to smother 'Fore the prize can be secured- Four the prize to be endured. Biden's own scathing diner talk- The elder's contempt all unblocked- By… Continue reading »


Morris Less

Dick Morris opines: Morris: Hillary will be ‘worst president we’ve ever seen’ Dick Morris is no fan of Sen. Hillary Clinton, having spent much of the past decade writing and speaking out against her. And he took his always-quotable opinions to the offices of Americans for Tax Reform Wednesday at a breakfast sponsored by The… Continue reading »

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