Romney-Ryan 2012!

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the rally in Norfolk, VA at which Mitt Romney introduced his running mate for the 2012 election. Speculation had flown around the Internet for days, as pundits made their case for or against this or that candidate. There were many attractive prospects this year, including my governor… Continue reading »


With Apologies to Wilfred Owen

Please, somebody. Bent double, we new beggars under tax, Knock-kneed, reading news rags, we cursed at Drudge, Till on the haunting views we turned our backs And towards November’s test began to trudge. We voted asleep. Many lost their roots But limped on, nails-gnawed. Perry lame; all blind; Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the… Continue reading »


Perry’s Out; Now What?

Well it’s finally happened. Rick Perry’s campaign, derailed by poor debate performance and an insistence by some members of the conservative punditariat that vaccines were more important than a record of job creation, has ended. It ended on a good note, as Perry left the race without playing spoiler. His supporters in South Carolina represent… Continue reading »


News of the Day: Limerick Edition 1-11-12

ROMNEY SEWS IT UP, SMUG JERKS SEEM READY TO CLAIM AFTER ONE PRIMARY What a very strange journey we’re on When Romney can pass off this con That he’s not progressive – It’s very impressive! Though a disappointing denouement…   It’s just a shame all the other guys Proved themselves insufficiently wise. But that’s not… Continue reading »


Events Are Not to My Liking; and Other Things of Marginal Concern to You

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write; it’s just that there are so many things I want to do at a given moment that eclipse my desire to write a blog post and cast it into the cold unfeeling nether. All that aside, I’m here now and I’m pissed. Why? You might well ask… Continue reading »


Whither Perry?

I’m losing faith in Rick Perry. When I first heard he might be considering a run for the Presidency, I reviewed what I knew of him: Governor of Texas; shot a coyote to save his dog; socially conservative; palatable to Evangelicals. All very fine. Then I learned about the truly encouraging economic figures in Texas,… Continue reading »


Republican Nomination – The Received Wisdom

It occurs to me that some people do not spend all day on Twitter following politics. Some don’t even check the news every day. For these people, I humbly submit my thoughts on the state of the Republican nomination: The race for the Republican nomination has taken some unpredictable turns of late. Of foremost note,… Continue reading »


Impressions From the Debate

After last night’s Republican debates, some impressions: Romney and Perry are the clear frontrunners. While I think Perry made a huge impression on people, Romney sounded more polished, professional and more Presidential. Perry needs to tighten up, get a few answers prepared to tough questions. But the race is between them. I liked the jabbing that went… Continue reading »


Scio’s Endorsement

Well, with Fred Thompson gone it's time for me to pick a new candidate.  I've chosen Mitt Romney for his economic experience, his stated commitment to pursuing our foreign interests, his executive credentials and because he's just so gosh-darn presidential looking.I believe his conversion on the pro-life issue is genuine and I am willing to… Continue reading »


Thompson Predictions

1.  If Thompson places third tonight in South Carolina, he will drop out of the race. 2.  If Thompson places second, he may stay in for a little while. 3.  If Thompson stays in and continues his campaign as he has, he will remain a factor in the race but is unlikely to make serious… Continue reading »

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