Goals for 2011 – Update

Earlier in the year I listed a few goals, with the lofty intent to actually accomplish them. Following is a short rundown of my progress thus far. I would like to get down to 170 pounds. This is a goal I’ve had for a while, and I’m 20-25 pounds away depending on how much I’ve… Continue reading »


HRT President Sprinkles Glitter on a Dog Turd

Phil Shucet, the man who was brought in to replace the incompetent and possibly corrupt former head of HRT, has a short opinion piece in the Pilot today. It amounts to little more than a coat of gloss inartfully applied to a cow pie. Construction went on too long, and costs were higher than taxpayers… Continue reading »



It’s not very often that I can celebrate an unqualified success, but last week my long-awaited, much-delayed, and completely-deserved promotion came through. Not only did it represent a substantial increase to my salary, but I am told it was an unprecedented figure for someone at my level. The remark was made by multiple people that… Continue reading »


I Mean it: Flog ‘Em – Volume Eleventy

My pro-corporal punishment views have been discussed on this blog endlessly. Now someone with an actual education has come out in favor of it. I can find almost nothing to dispute in this article and so post it in its entirety. We needn’t cut off hands in order to make the point. But it is a… Continue reading »


High Speed Rail – Idiocy!

I distrust any national effort at a high speed rail system based on what I’ve seen locally.


If You Want Something Done Right…

This is a basic concept! Why do I have to explain it?


Goals for 2011

I am setting some goals.


This Day in Potentially Damning Yet Utterly Ignored Obama News

So, today the big focus is on how you can make fake donations to the Obama site that still take money from your account.  As in: So I went to the Obama website this afternoon and clicked on the "Donate" button. I used my real MasterCard number (but was not asked for the 3 digit security… Continue reading »


Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese Actually…

Just in case anyone was worried about my lack of output over the past few days, I wish to inform you that I am on something resembling a vacation. However, I have spent the first half of it in the mechanic's after my car broke down right before heading on a trip to see a… Continue reading »


Warm Dr. Pepper Also Cures Gas Pain

Get Rich Slowly How to Improve Your Fuel Economy: 23 Top Tips for Better Gas Mileage Posted: 30 May 2007 07:00 AM CDT Fuel prices have been hovering at record levels around the United States for the past few weeks. Now is a good time to review of the best ways to improve your gas… Continue reading »

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