The First Among the Rest

The contest for the Republican nomination for President has, well before the first primary, been both raucous and caustic. As yet it has not dipped into toxicity, although prior to Sarah Palin’s voluntary departure from consideration the onset of psychosis among some of her core supporters seemed inevitable. Ron Paul has even managed to keep… Continue reading »


Meaning in Madness

We have to realize that nobody could have predicted these senseless events…Apparently, posturing and pointing fingers is easier for our leaders and pundits than grappling with this sad truth.


The Rally

I attended the rally this morning and was happy to see it packed to the rafters.  In fact, today is double awesome because I sent an e-mail to NRO and — it must be a slow day — the editor posted it on the site. Just returned from the McCain-Palin rally in Virginia Beach.  It… Continue reading »


Creative Types: Your Assistance!

My friends, On Monday, John McCain and Sarah Palin will be in Virginia Beach for a campaign rally.  I am going to this rally.  I thought that I might bring a sign to show my support, but also convey a message to whoever reads it…maybe even the candidates themselves. So it would have to be… Continue reading »


Debate Recap

I am not going to spend much time on this, since tomorrow morning I leave for Asheville NC and a celebration of our 1st anniversary.  I will say that I feel these debates were inconclusive in terms of moving the race forward.What I will say quite firmly, and I hope that my liberal readers will… Continue reading »


Vice Presidential Debates

Today I wanted to talk about the comparative treatment of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin in the media. I wanted to make the case that Gwen Ifill has a clear ethical conflict because she stands to profit from the victory of Barack Obama. I was going to go over all the things I thought Sarah Palin… Continue reading »


VDH on Sarah P. via NRO

Victor Davis Hanson: Journalists continue to ask, “What was John McCain thinking in selecting the gaffe-prone Gov. Sarah Palin?”In what has now become a disturbing pattern, the Alaska governor seems either unable or unwilling to avoid embarrassing statements that are often as untrue as they are outrageous. Recently, for example, in an exclusive interview with… Continue reading »


Final Analysis of Gibson-Palin Interview, Part II

This is the second part of my analysis on the Gibson-Palin interview.  In the first part, I focused on what I felt were the substantive issues regarding Palin’s selection and her qualifications to be Vice-President.  I attempted to fairly gauge those areas in which she needs improvement while also mentioning areas in which she showed… Continue reading »


Obama Supporters Should Read This Too

There is a blogger out there named Charles Martin.  He has done us all a favor and put together a comprehensive list of all the Sarah Palin rumors.  Additionally…their debunking.  Some of the best: 3. Yes, she did push for and approve the Wasilla Sports Center. Yes, it did cost a lot of money. (People… Continue reading »


More Sarah Palin Defense…Sadly Still Necessary!

Sarah Palin was accused of many things over the week.  One of the less obscene was the notion that she, a prolifer openly opposed to abortion, had hypocritically cut funding for pregnant teens.  As it turns out, that was true!  Sort of.  As always, a partial truth is more damaging than a total lie.  For… Continue reading »

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