Imported My Old Blog

I got an e-mail from my old blog host, Vox. They are shutting down their site and helpfully suggested I import my old posts into Wordpress.


Not Public, But if I Change One Setting It Will Be

Well, I’ve had it.  Rather than walk away and go to a different part of the Internet, my new friends from the UK have decided to start threatening me with legal action. Perhaps their government will pay for me to fly to England to be tried there. I received a nice little message from someone,… Continue reading »


Petty, Petty, Petty.

So my post about Obama made it to the front page.  And for like five minutes there was a great discussion on what makes Obama qualified for the office of POTUS.  Then two crazy English people came in and started casting aspersions on America instead of adding anything to the conversation.  Defensive measures were deployed… Continue reading »


My Mom

So my mom has started her own blog, which you can read at this link.  If you've been wondering where Scio, Scio gets his infernal patience and unshakable conviction, it is from growing up arguing with this woman.  I kid you not, we've been having a debate for the past ten years. But my mother… Continue reading »


Reflections Upon My Upcoming Marriage

I thought that today I'd make a rare post about my personal life.  Next Saturday, I will be standing in front of a priest with the woman I love and we'll be married.  I don't believe I've taken the time to sort through everything I've been thinking and feeling since I got engaged.  I really… Continue reading »


Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese Actually…

Just in case anyone was worried about my lack of output over the past few days, I wish to inform you that I am on something resembling a vacation. However, I have spent the first half of it in the mechanic's after my car broke down right before heading on a trip to see a… Continue reading »


I Knew I Wasn’t Crazy

Sometimes as you grow older you start to doubt the experiences of your youth.  Did it actually happen the way I remember, or are my impressions of the moment replacing the events?  This happens to me sometimes, as I've never kept a written record of my doings. So it is with the certain topic I… Continue reading »



Feist – 1 2 3 4 So I have this uncanny liking for Feist lately.  Specifically, this song here.  I was introduced to her last month down in Mississippi by the deranged and mysterious "Thunderblood," of whose existence there is only scant evidence outside of legend. Anyway, wouldn't you know it, they were playing her… Continue reading »


I Served…with Pictures

A bit ago I wrote a very nice little blog (I think it was nice, anyway) about how I built a house down in Mississippi.  You may read it here.  However, I neglected to bring a camera with me and had no pictures to share.  Thanks to my friend Graham, a fella I met down… Continue reading »


Music I Like

There's an artist I'm proud to say I've heard of and enjoy by the name of Chris Merritt.  He's a friend of a friend, and I have been following his music for about 3 years.  Met him once.  Was invited to play hide and seek.  Declined.  But the man has talent.  I think of his… Continue reading »

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