Events Are Not to My Liking; and Other Things of Marginal Concern to You

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write; it’s just that there are so many things I want to do at a given moment that eclipse my desire to write a blog post and cast it into the cold unfeeling nether. All that aside, I’m here now and I’m pissed. Why? You might well ask… Continue reading »


Impressions From the Debate

After last night’s Republican debates, some impressions: Romney and Perry are the clear frontrunners. While I think Perry made a huge impression on people, Romney sounded more polished, professional and more Presidential. Perry needs to tighten up, get a few answers prepared to tough questions. But the race is between them. I liked the jabbing that went… Continue reading »


Handicapping Tonight’s Republican Debate

The Republican field is beginning to take shape. While tonight’s debate will almost certainly not give us any clear indication of who the eventual nominee will be, it is the first test for the newest entrant, Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Perry shook up the field quite a bit when he announced his candidacy, and… Continue reading »


Peggy Noonan on Conservatism

Lopez: What is a conservative? Noonan: Thank you for asking. I think this is something we should talk about more, and something I would urge NR to address with a greater force or breadth. Bill Buckley and his hardy band — James Burnham, Jeffrey Hart, etc. — brought to their task a certain missionary zeal.… Continue reading »


My Final Thoughts on This Election

*12-18-09 Read this again.  To my delight, it is holding up well* I'm rapidly running out of ways to criticize Barack Obama.  Over the past two years, I've been lamenting at various times (and in no particular order): Obama's inexperience, questionable associations, stated policy goals, inept assessments of world events, pandering to abortion extremists, Chicago-style thug… Continue reading »


Greens and Red Ink

So this little Greenie shop closed in my city, and it somehow made the news.  I am consumed with spite for the Greens, not much of it undeserved.  I trace this spite to the incident in which I, refusing to give my unqualified support to the idea of massive government spending in service to the dubious cause… Continue reading »


Obama and Tax Cuts

Since the topic has been coming up lately, I submit to you this piece.  I found it reinforces my own views.  Since I am not interested in making a substantial post of my own, you must subsist on my regurgitations.  How's that for imagery? Obama’s New Tax WelfareBehind the 95. By Peter Ferrara Barack Obama… Continue reading »


The Company You Keep, Mr. Obama…

For your perusal and discussion: Jive Turkey Rides AgainBy the Editors If we learned anything from the mess in Florida in 2000, it’s this: When elections don’t end on Election Day, things get ugly quickly. That is why today, and not the day after Election Day, is the day for Americans of all political stripes… Continue reading »


Presidential Debate II

Alright, so I think the consensus is that last night was 90 minutes we’ll never get back again. McCain let Obama get away with blaming Republicans for the current financial crisis, never making the case that Democrats are the ones who have presided over this process of opening up mortgages to people who have a… Continue reading »


Vice Presidential Debates

Today I wanted to talk about the comparative treatment of Joe Biden and Sarah Palin in the media. I wanted to make the case that Gwen Ifill has a clear ethical conflict because she stands to profit from the victory of Barack Obama. I was going to go over all the things I thought Sarah Palin… Continue reading »

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