Romney-Ryan 2012!

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the rally in Norfolk, VA at which Mitt Romney introduced his running mate for the 2012 election. Speculation had flown around the Internet for days, as pundits made their case for or against this or that candidate. There were many attractive prospects this year, including my governor… Continue reading »


News of the Day: Limerick Edition 1-11-12

ROMNEY SEWS IT UP, SMUG JERKS SEEM READY TO CLAIM AFTER ONE PRIMARY What a very strange journey we’re on When Romney can pass off this con That he’s not progressive – It’s very impressive! Though a disappointing denouement…   It’s just a shame all the other guys Proved themselves insufficiently wise. But that’s not… Continue reading »


News of the Day: Limerick Edition 8-17-11

Libertarians Finally Take Hint We’ve Been Dropping That a billionaire named Peter Thiel Chased the libertarian ideal Far away to the sea – Taking all thems with he – We should really thank Peter, I feel. President Obama Saves or Creates at least One Speechwriter Job; Others…Not so Much  This President we’ve got is a peach; Look, he’s making another damn speech.… Continue reading »


Capped Off

A year on from the Inauguration, and it's nice to be almost entirely validated.  Add to this the near farce of Obama blaming voter anger at George "Irrelevant Now" Bush for Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts.  Good week to be conservative. If anyone is interested, I tweet now: @Neal_Dewing. 5-5-10 I have a new blog,… Continue reading »


This Day in Potentially Damning Yet Utterly Ignored Obama News

So, today the big focus is on how you can make fake donations to the Obama site that still take money from your account.  As in: So I went to the Obama website this afternoon and clicked on the "Donate" button. I used my real MasterCard number (but was not asked for the 3 digit security… Continue reading »


Jim Geraghty on Obama’s Messiah Problem

And it is a problem in this country. The Left Finally Accepts Religion in Government… So Long As You Worship Obama Thinking about the Smith College op-ed where a student declares Obama to be her "Personal Jesus," I'm reminded of something I wrote on the off-duty blog: This [children singing about Obama] video illustrates a… Continue reading »


John McCain Does a Speech

And I offer my thoughts upon it.  Well, Cindy first.  She needs some practice with the teleprompter.  She'll have plenty of it, I'm sure.  She's a good wife, though.  And here's the negative part of my brain, but if I were Team McCain I'd only talk about marriage very briefly.  Unfortunate end to the first… Continue reading »


The Impossible Obama

I have been working at a new job recently, and I have had little energy for blogging.  But today I took the time during lunch to pen a few thoughts on the Barack Obama problem.Additionally, my wife found my first gray hair this evening.  I am ecstatic, having desired a touch of gray since I… Continue reading »


Hard Decision

I think the time has come for me to stop fighting it.  Over the past few months I've been arguing with everyone around me about the political candidates, which one is better and which one would be death for this country.  And I've been taking it for granted that I should support a Republican.But I… Continue reading »


E-Mail Forwards

Occasionally, e-mail forwards are worth reading.  But only rarely. Dream Team   Last night I had the strangest dream. It was so real, so life-like and so vivid. Let me describe it to you briefly…   1. Hillary wins the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States   2. Naturally, she wants to… Continue reading »

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