News & Politics QotW: Media Coverage

Do you feel the media is giving a fair portrayal of Sarah Palin? No.  They don't know what to think of her.  She's a strong, independent, savvy, reform minded woman that has achieved political success…all without buying into the NOW and feminist claptrap.  She's got a large, happy family that is subject to the same… Continue reading »


News & Politics QotW: The Taxman

As the April 15th tax filing deadline looms, many gay couples are facing higher tax bills because they do not get the federal tax benefits that accompany marriage. The same is true for heterosexual couples who chose not to get married. Do you think this is fair? Of course it's fair.  Marriage is a child-bearing… Continue reading »


QotD: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  What's your strongest memory or impression of King's contributions? The disillusionment I felt when I learned that King the man was not King the news footage.  Most people aren't really their public image, of course.  I myself am a big phony most of the time.  But King was… Continue reading »


News & Politics QotD: Let’s Get Political

How do you usually react when people start talking politics? My ears perk up and I immediately begin trying to guess how they vote.  It's not hard these days.  I'll try to maintain a neutral tone and get them to reveal as much as they can about their views.  Sometimes I don't even share my… Continue reading »


QotD: I Was Spiteful

Have you ever done anything out of pure spite?  What did you do?  Submitted by Hydranokaori. Since I began working at a retail store…every day. Telling the kids the video games are broken when I really just flipped the circuit breaker, for instance. Retail is bad for the soul. Read and post comments | Send… Continue reading »


QotD: The Iowa Caucuses

What was your reaction to the results of the Iowa caucuses?   Oh, completely overdone.  Huckabee’s speech sounded like he’d won the whole shebang.  Edwards is crowing about beating Clinton.  It’s moronic.  We’ve been watching these people campaign for the last several months.  It’s been long enough that people got sick of the frontrunners and started… Continue reading »


QotD: Oh, Look, Some Mistletoe…

Who do you want to be caught under the mistletoe with this holiday season? Submitted by An Ebony Epicurean.   My wife!  It’s our first Christmas together.  So far, so good! But she doesn’t go for all the mushy stuff. Send to a friend Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via… Continue reading »


QotD: Vox’s Presidential Approval Poll

Polling groups like to track the approval rating of politicians.  What's your approval rating for President George W. Bush?   I give him 50%.  It should be beyond obvious that he's not the most astute or worldly politician, and he's made some blunders that have damaged conservative prospects in the country.  But making the commitment to… Continue reading »


QotD: Indecision 2008

What do you think of Stephen Colbert's satirical bid for the U.S. Presidency?   I think he's a Democrat, and I'm not familiar with his positions.  I enjoyed his maneuvering to maintain his corporate sponsorship.  Were I a registered voter in South Carolina, I would vote for him in order to lessen the impact of… Continue reading »


QotD: Online Splurge

You have $100 to spend online in the next hour.  How are you going to spend it? Go to eBay and buy some video games.  It's not like I'm wasting the money, right? Read and post comments | Send to a friend Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share… Continue reading »

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