Spring Sucks

Now that Spring has taken a blackjack to the back of Winter’s skull, it is an opportune time to discuss the many ways in which Spring is no better than dull, dreary Winter. It may not be an opportune time for you, but I shall proceed regardless. I can anticipate your objection: Oh, but Spring is… Continue reading »


Oscar Night! So Exci-ZzZzzZz

The Oscars were last night, and as usual I watched a few minutes before deciding to just get the results in the morning.


Arvada Police Arrest 11-Year-Old; City Sleeps Easier

Gosh, guys, call me crazy but when you put 11-year-old boys in handcuffs you may have a systemic problem with overzealous officers. Just sayin’.


High Speed Rail – Idiocy!

I distrust any national effort at a high speed rail system based on what I’ve seen locally.



I’ve come to the conclusion that I am lacking a suitable hobby.


Royal Pain

America, when you swoon over this family, these…Kardashians with better accents, you disgust me.


And in Catholic News…

I often highlight the faults and crimes of radical Islam on this blog.  In an attempt to be fair, here's something from my own people.  This happens every year.  Every year.  The fight in Jerusalem is also a yearly occurrence.  Don't mess with the Orthodox, because apparently they carry iron rods around with them to… Continue reading »


Spread the Word

Enjoy this article from National review, get pissed, and tell somebody.  I think that even if you disagree with Steyn, you have to wonder at the audacity these Muslim groups have…and the complicity of this Canadian organization in stifling debate on the subject. Free Steyn By the Editors Our readers know Mark Steyn well. His… Continue reading »


Let’s Kill Some Japanese

Well, not one month after the Howard government of Australia lost out to the Labor party of Kevin Rudd, we have this charming bit of heroism.  Apparently, the whales are in trouble!  Japan is going to hunt 1000 whales this year, including the humpback.  This just won't do, so: …the Australian government will be casting… Continue reading »


Mama Gov’t Strikes Again

So my only question is this:  New Zealand has decided that potential drains on their healthcare system far outweigh the amount they will receive from these people in taxation, purchasing revenue, and talent?  Stupid Kiwis. New Zealand bars British man's 'fat' wife By Paul Chapman in Wellington and Graeme Baker Last Updated: 8:45am GMT 20/11/2007 A… Continue reading »

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