Letter to Occupy Norfolk

To the Editor, Virginian-Pilot: Occupy Norfolk and the larger Occupy movement have devolved into what astute critics said they would from the start: farce and ruin. Our own Norfolk chapter of the “movement” (which has no goals, no leadership, and sadly no end in sight) has failed to gain much traction. Why the city renewed… Continue reading »


HRT Light Rail Boondoggle – Defeat Edition

Well, it’s the Tide’s opening day. I had a letter to the editor printed in the Pilot (conveniently right next to Mr. Shucet of the HRT and his op-ed praising the damn thing) and I’ve been hammering away at it to anyone who’ll listen. I fear I’ve become a crashing bore. Well, I’ll make this… Continue reading »


HRT President Sprinkles Glitter on a Dog Turd

Phil Shucet, the man who was brought in to replace the incompetent and possibly corrupt former head of HRT, has a short opinion piece in the Pilot today. It amounts to little more than a coat of gloss inartfully applied to a cow pie. Construction went on too long, and costs were higher than taxpayers… Continue reading »


HRT Light Rail Boondoggle – Update: It Begins

UPDATE: Printed 8-18-11 The HRT and Norfolk Light Rail Boondoggle is at long last ready to accept riders. You may remember my previous thoughts on the subject, here and here. This week has seen a depressing series of articles in which the city appears to be doubling down on the thing, trying to put a brave… Continue reading »


Hate-A-State pt 3

Yeah, yeah, here’s part 3. Late, whatever. I’m a lazy man and I’m not going to amount to much. Much the same as many residents of Delaware. IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the Great State of Nebraska is in many ways as fine a place to live as the Commonwealth of Virginia.… Continue reading »


Hate-A-State pt 2

A continuation of the rogue’s gallery of states which are not Virginia. Kansas - Don’t act like you don’t have this coming. First of all, even before you were a state you were causing problems with the whole slavery thing. And then, you actually started killing each other. I mean, I can understand going after people… Continue reading »



Irrational pride in the state of your birth should be a common feature of Americans. Its corollary, irrational hatred of all other states in the Union, should likewise beat in the breast of all good citizens. Alas, it does not. I am compelled by this distressing condition to list all the states in order, with a brief… Continue reading »


The HRT Light Rail Boondoggle – Update

  To the Editors, Virginian-Pilot: I have just been shown a flier advertising HRT Safety Day on April 29-30th, designed no doubt to educate the public about the perils of standing in the path of trains. As many local residents may have already shared their disgust with this light-rail boondoggle, it almost feels like piling… Continue reading »


High Speed Rail – Idiocy!

I distrust any national effort at a high speed rail system based on what I’ve seen locally.


Afton Mountain Vineyards

Nothing helps to stimulate the thought processes better than a good wine, and I’m happy to report that Wife and I were at a perfect place to sample some of the grape on Friday.

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