News of the Day: Limerick Edition 3-3-11

Libya Not Getting Any Better; Charlie Sheen to Investigate There once was a Libyan Colonel Whose reign was described as infernal. He was so damn daffy This Colonel Gaddafi; The violence was sadly diurnal. Charlie Sheen’s Twin Boys Removed From Home; Both Test Positive for Tiger Blood He may be a self-described warlock, But Charlie’s show was just the… Continue reading »


Royal Pain

America, when you swoon over this family, these…Kardashians with better accents, you disgust me.


The Dullest Character in Film, Part II

the Strong Female Lead is death to a movie


Is Koran Burning Really the Problem?

Pastor Terry Jones in Florida has garnered international attention for his proposal to burn a copy of the Koran on September 11th.  As many of our leaders will tell you, Pastor Jones is an ignorant rube who is putting our soldiers in harm’s way with his Koran-burning stunt.  Even now that he is saying he… Continue reading »


McChrystal Must Resign

It is my opinion that McChrystal must go.


Final Analysis of Gibson-Palin Interview, Part I

Essentially, the Palin interview needs to be evaluated on two fronts.  First, and most important, is Palin’s performance as an untried national candidate.  The ABC piece was not a first impression, but a substantive discussion after the first impression…an impression which, I don’t think anyone can argue, was pretty forceful.  The second and only slightly… Continue reading »


More on the Palin Interview

Actually, I've contracted out the services of one Charles Krauthammer for this blog, since I am confident that he is miles beyond me in terms of firsthand knowledge of the subject matter in the Gibson-Palin interview.  Taken from National Review Online. I will, upon viewing the rest of the interview, offer my own thoughts.  But this… Continue reading »


Neocons Ru(i)n the World, Sayeth Yon Hippies and Paulites.

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the neoconservative movement?  It often feels like folks who support the Iraq War in particular and the War on Terror in general are unreservedly labeled neoconservative, neocon, neopig, baby-killer, etc.  In truth, support for the war has never been the exclusive domain of neoconservatism,… Continue reading »


Iraq War Misconceptions

National Review Online has a tremendous piece by Frederick W. Kagan on Iraq.  Specifically, the common myths associated with the war that many on the left side of the spectrum continually cite as reasons we have lost, will lose, or must withdraw from the present conflict.Do the nattering nabobs really know the counterpoint to their… Continue reading »


The Follies of Cotillard, or: I Knew I Didn’t Like the French.

So, once more we find that our European friends exist in a world of delusion and self-absorption.  Here's hoping that this woman never wins another Oscar, ever.  But even aside from that, let's hope that Europe scrapes up the resolve to save its own culture from radical Islam.  It's a special kind of intellect that… Continue reading »

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