Clerihews: It’s Come to This

I’m too lazy to try to make a limerick today, so I’m going to attempt to write a poem called a Clerihew. Apparently they are stupid little biographical poems about a famous person. Rhyme and meter are irregular, which is a plus for me as I never learned exactly what meter is. This seems a… Continue reading »


Going to CPAC

This week I will be headed to Washington, D.C. for my first-ever Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. This is a big deal for me. I’ve never been one for “involvement” before – always been a very casual observer. Alright, fine: an obsessive observer. But I haven’t been deeply involved in debating and discussing politics… Continue reading »


Look Not Into the Snowman’s Eye

It’s that time of year when the radio station robot-DJs engage their Christmas playlist subroutines. I was listening at work today, and “Frosty the Snowman” came on. Perhaps it is more indicative of my frame of my mind than I should reveal, but suddenly I heard the song in frightening new ways. No longer was… Continue reading »


Letter to Occupy Norfolk

To the Editor, Virginian-Pilot: Occupy Norfolk and the larger Occupy movement have devolved into what astute critics said they would from the start: farce and ruin. Our own Norfolk chapter of the “movement” (which has no goals, no leadership, and sadly no end in sight) has failed to gain much traction. Why the city renewed… Continue reading »


Goals for 2011 – Update

Earlier in the year I listed a few goals, with the lofty intent to actually accomplish them. Following is a short rundown of my progress thus far. I would like to get down to 170 pounds. This is a goal I’ve had for a while, and I’m 20-25 pounds away depending on how much I’ve… Continue reading »


Hate-A-State pt 3

Yeah, yeah, here’s part 3. Late, whatever. I’m a lazy man and I’m not going to amount to much. Much the same as many residents of Delaware. IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the Great State of Nebraska is in many ways as fine a place to live as the Commonwealth of Virginia.… Continue reading »


Hate-A-State pt 2

A continuation of the rogue’s gallery of states which are not Virginia. Kansas - Don’t act like you don’t have this coming. First of all, even before you were a state you were causing problems with the whole slavery thing. And then, you actually started killing each other. I mean, I can understand going after people… Continue reading »



Irrational pride in the state of your birth should be a common feature of Americans. Its corollary, irrational hatred of all other states in the Union, should likewise beat in the breast of all good citizens. Alas, it does not. I am compelled by this distressing condition to list all the states in order, with a brief… Continue reading »


A Piece of Schutte

I wrote this letter; it will likely not be published. Suffice it to say, the state of modern Catholic hymns is pitiable indeed. An entrenched establishment, holding onto the conventions of a bygone era and failing to communicate the deeper connection to God so necessary to retain followers and save souls? Sounds a bit like… Continue reading »



This blog is going nowhere. The central conceit of anyone who writes for a living, or who keeps up a blog, is that they are a unique source of wisdom or information or artistry that should be accorded the attention due such a figure. It’s bunk. Go on Twitter and in 5 minutes you’ll find 100… Continue reading »

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